Spring 2013 Minutes

Attending: Tom Deans/UConn (Chair), Susanmarie Harrington/UVM (Associate Chair)

Karen Bilotti (Roger Williams University); Leslie Bradshaw (U Mass Amherst); Michelle Cox (Dartmouth); Michael Cripps (University of New England); Christiane Donahue (Dartmouth); Dan Frazier (Springfield College); Anne Ellen Geller (St. John’s); Alyssa-Rae Hug (St. John’s); Rebecca Lorimer Leonard (U Mass Amherst); Cara Messina (St. John’s); Ed Mueller (UNH); Tennyson O’Donnell (Trinity College);  Paul Pasquaretta (Quinnipiac); Patricia Portanova (UNH); Tanya Rodrigue (Salem State University);Stacey Sheriff (Colby); Matt Switliski (UNH); Carolyn Wargula (St. John’s)

  1. Recap of the purposes of NEWACC: a professional network; an advocacy group that members can call on to support research-based and ethical WAC practices at their own institutions; a forum to share institutional practices and emerging or cross-institutional research projects. 2 meetings per year (spring always at NEWCA, fall alternating between Quinnipiac WAC Conference and one of the member institutions).
  2. Reminder: If you need to sign up for the listserv, email Susanmarie at susan.harrington@UVM.EDU
  3. Introductions
  4. Presentation on the faculty writing fellows program at Springfield College by Dan Fraizer
  5. Presentation on multilingualism and transfer in WAC by Rebecca Lorimer Leonard of UMass
  6. Patricia Portanova (UNH) elected as incoming Associate Chair for 2013-14
  7. Fall 2013 meeting (this is a non-Quinnipiac Conference year): Date not yet set, but UMass Amherst has tentatively agreed to host; UConn at Storrs is a backup should UMass not be able to host. Potential dates to be explored via the listserv.
  8. Discussion of the relationship of writing centers to generalized learning centers. Recommendation to NEWCA Steering Committee: Make an effort to invite generalized academic learning/tutoring centers to the 2014 NEWCA. Deans will convey this to the Steering Committee.
  9. Discussion of the different kinds of tutors (students, grad students, professional/non-student) and their relative advantages and disadvantages.

Adjourned at 1pm.