Fall 2011 NEWACC Meeting & Agenda

  • Sep 7, 2011

Meeting Information

Date: September 23
Time: 11am to 2pm
Location: Mount Ida College, Newton, Massachusetts
RSVP: RoseMary Brooks ( for a lunch count

Kati Pletsch de Garcia will host our meeting. Mount Ida College will provide lunch.

NEWACC Meeting Schedule and Agenda

11:00am – Introductions
11:15am to 12:30pm – Presenters and Discussion
12:30pm – Lunch
1pm – Open time for questions, members’ issues, NEWACC plans for the coming year

Working from the minutes of the spring 2011 NEWACC meeting (, Tom Deans and Anne Geller  have decided to shape the first part of our meeting with these overarching questions:

* What are students’ experiences of WAC/WID?  And what are ways we can explore this question?

Lorraine Higgins (Director of Communication Across the Curriculum, Worcester Polytechnic Institute) will share preliminary findings from a longitudinal pilot study of the ways that undergraduates at WPI encounter reading and writing, employing survey data and journals to track what they do and where. The focus in the pilot study is science and engineering students.

Michael J. Cripps (Director of Composition, University of New England) will briefly explore the National Survey of Student Engagement as a lens for answering the question “What are students’ experiences of WAC/WID?”

We would also like to ask all NEWACC members attending the meeting on the 23rd come with:

  1. some thinking about these questions (What are students’ experiences of WAC/WID?  And what are ways we can explore this question?); and,
  2. an article/a reference to an article that helps you think about these questions.

After our discussion, we would like to compile a bibliography of the texts that help members think about these questions.